Budget Beauty.

As much as I want the entire Aesop skincare range (damn their amazing packaging), I tend to stick to less expensive products when it comes to beauty. Here are three items that now have a firm place on my bathroom shelf that I have discovered over the past 3 months.

FIrst up is L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I feel like this oil has saved my hair’s life. I bought it around the Christmas period after a friend recommended it and I cannot get enough of it. It has made my hair silky smooth and less greasy meaning I don’t have to wash it as much which is just brilliant for coloured hair. 3 months later I am still on my first bottle of the oil and I have not even gone through a quarter of the bottle. I got it for half price in Dunnes Stores over Christmas so only spent just under 6 euro on it. I cannot believe how long it is lasting as I am pretty generous with how much I apply after I have towel dried my hair.

The only problem with reading beauty reviews is that they are all completely subjective, I did ask my friend if she liked the oil and had she ever used it and she said yes but she did not like it at all as it made her hair super greasy. The only thing you can do is try things for yourself and see if it works for you. Trial and error!

It says on the bottle – ‘Luxurious shine, intensely nourished, silky soft, sumptuously smooth hair’. For my mop it has ticked all those boxes.


Next is the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth. I have weak, weak nails and have always had them, weak and breakable. I bit them as a child and this is probably some sort of punishment! (Don’t bite your nails kids!). At the moment I am really trying to look after them more and have completely cut back on wearing nail polish which I was wearing too much. I have been applying this growth treatment for the last three weeks and have found it really beneficial for my nails. I feel like they are much stronger too. If your nails are breaking too easily I would highly recommend this stuff.


Lastly is Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream. Everyone’s feet need a little TLC when they have been pretty much locked away for a good five months of the year and I am a big fan of anything that smells like the summer season. This stuff is amazing and I really love it. It is more of a gel than a cream and it is so nice to apply it at the end of your day. The smell is amazing as is the feel of it once it is applied to your feet. I love products that stand the test of time and the burt’s bees range has been around since forever. They also have a really nice deep cream cleanser if you are looking to find a new one!


Is there any products you have tried out over the last while that have pleasantly surprised you? Comment below, I would love to hear of some new ones.

Words : Lou, Tabitha magazine (@louiseryan19


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