Top 5 Movies to have a good ole cry to.

Sometime you just need a honest to goodness, ugly face, snot everywhere cry. It clears your head and can in a weird way make you feel happier. Movies are a good catalyst for a cry -they are usually not too taxing and most of the time end on a pretty happy ( or at the very least- hopeful ) note. I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite movies to have a cry to… let me know if you think I should have included your teary fave.

1. Beaches.
You’re smart, you’re beautiful… you have hair that moves. 
Moma mia, this is an emotional roller coaster. Friendship is the real star of this movie (sssh don’t tell Bette! I’ll never work in Hollywood again) and it tells the tale of two best friends going through ups, downs and a whole lot of cry worthy events. Every girl can in a way relate to the story which by the end will have dragged you through the mill. The emotion mill. Grab some tissues, crack open the wine and enjoy.

2.Celeste and Jesse Forever. 
She ist sooo maaad….yaaaw.
WARNING: Do not watch this movie if you have recently gone through a break up. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg play an ex couple who just happen to still be best friends. The movie starts out in a usual indie style – soft focus , cute music and a montage of their happy relationship. However it takes a sharp turn when Jesse reveals something that breaks Celeste (and the viewer’s heart…Sob) The movie then becomes a tale of personal endurance, realizing your faults and having to start again when you really don’t want to. Basically, life is shit sometimes.

3. My Girl. 
Feel… My …Aura – I don’t think I’m allowed to.
This movie was my first memory of death. I was really young when it came out in the cinema, and I remember all my friends spoke about was how cool Vada was and how much we all really wanted a mood ring and a baseball t-shirt after seeing it. However, watching through the eyes of adult is a different event altogether- and boy is it sad. The trailer below does it’s best to keep an upbeat feel to the movie but we know the truth – (insert cry face emoji)

4. UP.
I could help you cross the street? …no.
This movie drags you into a pool of tears before the opening credits are even over. A classic tale of a wide eyed optimist showing an old grump how to love again. Throw in a talking dog a dream realized and the cutest love story ever and you have a recipe for a bawl fest. 

5. Forrest Gump.
But you ain’t got no legs Lieutenant Dan!
No man , woman or child can escape the tears while watching Forrest Gump. From the joy of his first time running to the sadness when his mother dies, back happiness when he meets his son and realizes he’s not “like him” and then back to sadness of him talking to Jennnaayy’s headstone-  this movie is the emotional equivalent of a pig on a trampoline. You can’t stop watching – it’s funny, weird, brutal and rough. Sigh. We never looked at shrimp the same way again.

Words: Una O’Boyle, Tabitha Magazine.

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