Spring/Summer Weddings…

I love putting together a few ideas for Spring/Summer weddings. I have a few this year and I love browsing for inspiration. Here are just a few pieces I have picked from Asos (my one stop shop for a lot of things, I’m its biggest fan!) to start off with.I find Asos really good for wedding guest outfits as you will get something a little different that is not highly expensive.  No doubt there will be more wedding inspired posts in the next couple of months but here are a few dress ideas to get us started!

image1xxl (22)

Asos Salon floral organza dress 116.13eu(This is just stunning and I love the shape of the off the shoulder look.)

image1xxl (23)

Self Potrait dress 327.89 eu (quite pricey but Oh to wear a Self Potrait dress, I find myself wandering into BT2 often and looking at them – face firmly in palm. )

image1xxl (24)

Lilac dress 61.78 (check you aren’t wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids and you are good to go. Love this colour for a Summer wedding, the dress is simple but really elegant.)

image1xxl (25)

Shift dress 47.82eu (Love the colour for this season and I love the bow detail.)

image1xxl (26)

Drape midi dress. 54.65eu (I love again just how simple and chic this is, you would easily wear it on more occasions. It comes in four other colours also.)

image1xxl (27)

Floral maxi 54.65eu (For the boho chick in you. This is gorgeous for one of those long bright Summer evening weddings.)

image4xxl (6)

Floral cluster maxi 129.79 (Another beautiful floor length maxi, I think this one is a little more formal too if the wedding is less garden party and informal.)

More wedding ideas soon! 

Words: Lou, Tabitha magazine 




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