Retro Fashion : 70’s Cher.

Who doesn’t love a bit of 70’s Cher? It’s all eyelashes, fur (faux I hope), fringing, sparkles, amazing and boho charm. If I had to sum up the aesthetic it would be something along the lines of ‘Trashy Pocahontas’. So much of her style then is relevant to current trends and dare I say it…but I believe her look has inspired a certain Miss Moss on more than one occasion. For anyone planning their festival wardrobes for the coming festival season or who just want to channel some cool studio 54 Cher, check out some of her coolest looks…
5f99053b79befa63d108acda013fa7ce 91f39fef2061f6b508e661b479c1b8bd 724d708a9f57faccc8a1d4e30fca384e 615130f798e3dd6674d010e6b7740531 61350135f1e573e11ee958c91dac5a6d a274654c5dea81ec0e96348c61835628 b73ab6c1d3813481c18e6785f76d4066 e0385343a47334f55884fdf1e9cd3da9 f3dbc2747253d7bef6685df65e13db3a f61474f81f8c26f7fa4e8e3e039a7be8 fc115693da175889c976b41a950ab604

Words: Una O’Boyle, Tabitha Magazine @unaoboyle
Photos: Pinterest

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