Trend De-stressed : Denim

There is something slightly unhinging about a new fashion season, especially if you are one who likes to incorporate trends into your evolving style. It is the fear of the sartorial unknown. The wonder of what you are going to have to negotiate your pre-existing wardrobe with, and whether or not the trend will suit you. You never know, skirts literally made out of thick, garish grandma inclined carpet could dominate the spring sidewalks. Imagine the chaffing, and the sweats. No amount of baby powder could ever prepare us for that nightmare.



Fortunately, we won’t be swaddling ourselves in offcuts of suites gone by as the trend that has been welcomed to our wardrobe this season is denim. We’re talking double denim, triple denim, 70s style denim, and frayed denim. I love it when something as classic and timeless as denim comes to the fashion fore. It means that there will be a huge variety of styles in a material that is easy to wear, comfortable and will be accommodating  to future trend pieces that you will buy. Denim is accessible to all shapes and sizes, and skin tones as there are endless possibilities with the cuts and washes available. Economically, it’s one of the best trends that you can buy into as denim is always a sound investment, it is a key ingredient to a good, capsule wardrobe. And if you buy smart, you will be able to wear the pieces you buy now for years to come.


Naturally every trend needs a muse, and for spring/ summer 2015, the Alexa Chung collection for AG Jeans could not have come at a better time to unify the denim vision. Practically all of the high street stores have paid homage (if not infringed intellectual property rights) to Chung’s designs, she is fondly known as ‘Chungarees’ on certain social media sites, so it’s no surprise she’s leading the pack. The button up shirt dress, and A-line skirt that sent her fashion following into a frenzy have become readily available thanks to Zara and Topshop, with their versions offering proving to be just as good a the real thing. The fact that the high street imitations are more wallet conscious have also helped.

Update your denim collection with one, two or three of these jean-ius (if you’ll excuse the expression, I have a bit of a flare for sartorial puns) pieces to see you through the summer, and preceding seasons.


ZARA denim dress, 59.95


ZARA short flared jeans, 49.95


ZARA loose cut dress, 39.95


URBAN OUTFITTERS white denim dress, 229eu


URBAN OUTFITTERS soft denim shirt, 55eu



ASOS cropped dungarees, 61.48


To style your denim outfits this spring/ summer the key thing to remember is to keep everything pared back. Minimise how you accessorise your look, the effortless simplicity of how denim is being styled at the moment is what makes this trend so desirable.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve an empty basket in all of my online shopping accounts.

Words: Zara Hedderman


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