Tabitha Photo Diary.


Wow! What an amazing week of sunshine we have had here in Ireland! This tiny little country is transformed with a few rays of Sunny D. People are happier, days are easier, work is more fun (honestly – it is!) and there is just a lovely buzz about the place. Everyone is so grateful not to be piling on layers and dragging around umbrellas!
We took advantage of this sunny weather this week and headed out on a mini day adventure to Dun Laoghaire to check out Kitchen 62 for brunch and to walk the pier.

Kitchen 62:
This place did not disappoint! We had been avid followers (or stalkers… whatever) on their instagram page and were dying to try it out. I got the veggie breakfast bap while Lou and Andrew opted for a burger and chips. We also decided to split a bottle of prosecco, because technically it was a bank holiday and technically we were on our holidays. Ahem.
They had a really good selection of vegetarian food, and everything was prices around the €10 mark. My breakast bun had mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes and brie. It sounds like it shouldn’t have been filling but it really really was. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was nice (not too busy for a sunny bank holiday, we were allowed to enjoy our brunch at our own pace)

1 4 5
The decor is also really cute…check out the ladies toilet! 6 7We followed our delicious brunch with a stroll along the pier. It was pretty busy but still a really lovely walk..
9 10 11 17What we wore…


2Jeans: Asos
Jacket: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Puma

8Jacket & Bag: Forever 21
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Adidas

Obviously the day had to be rounded off with a 99 ice-cream from Teddys!

3Have a great weekend – what adventures have you got planned?

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Una & Lou x

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