Healthy(ish) Cookie Dough Balls.


cookie dough

I know I know, another flipping healthy cookie dough recipe for the internet. I do wanted to share this though because I have been making these for a while now as a snack and today was definitely the tastiest batch I made! They are such a quick and easy treat to make for yourself and if you are craving something sweet that isn’t a whole left over Easter Egg or something then this is for you.

Now, lets get real for a second, all these recipes on the internet do not taste like the Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough, I really wish they did but they don’t! All the recipes I have been reading up on seem to be like the one below but of course with some variations. I have read a few where chickpeas are involved so I am intrigued to try that!  For me the taste of cookie dough in ben & jerry’s is like the holy grail of deliciousness. Sadly it probably cannot be matched in a healthy way but maybe I just don’t have the recipe perfected yet! Please let me know if you have made these and they taste close to the real thing.

They are a seriously delicious little sweet snack though and a little more healthy than the usual treats everyone might go for but everything in moderation and all that jazz.

Try it out for yourself and see if you like! I love the taste of the almond butter in them.

Recipe… (This makes six big balls)

140g of cashew nuts

70g of porridge oats

1/2 tbsp of cinnamon

a drop of vanilla essence

3 tbsps of maple syrup (if you are trying to be healthy try & find the purest form you can from a health store)

3 tbsps of almond butter (you made need to add a little more depending on the texture)

Dark chocolate chips

To make… 

Blend all your dry ingredients first then add your vanilla essence, maple syrup and almond butter in. Pour it all out into a bowl and add your chocolate chips then roll out the balls onto a serving plate. Place in the fridge for an hour, then enjoy!

Words: Louise, Tabitha magazine x (@louiseryan19)


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