Sock it!

Six Socks and Sandal Combinations to Wear.
Words : Zara Hedderman , Mumbles and Stumbles.
Images : Tumblr.


What is often considered a faux-pas or capitalised, italicised and bold don’t, can transcend to a triumphant yes. We mix prints, double-up on denim, and layer textures and lengths so why not fully embrace wearing socks with sandals? This is not a revolutionary, or even original suggestion. This is a feared trend that has trickled from the sock drawer to our summer shoe game. However, it is a trend that Irish girls are yet to properly embrace, which is odd when you consider how chilly our summer evenings get. Surely it makes sense to keep your toes free from the cold, because unless you’re sporting a blue pedicure, blue toes are a definite no.


There is a stigma attached to this reluctant trend embodied by the embarrassing dad with a camera worn as a necklace, accessorising ill-fitted Bermuda shorts and a tucked in polo t- shirt. However, some of the most emulated style icons have been coveting this look during the warmer months. Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Leandra Medine and the Olsen twins have all been spotted with their socks proudly peeping through their open-toed sandals. Thus assuring us, that this is a thing. We can unashamedly wear our ribbed cotton socks with our summer footwear.


To be successful in styling this controversial combination there are a few guidelines to consider. This sartorial endeavour works best when the socks are moderately loud, or have a reason to be seen. This is perfectly portrayed with the artful art socks by Miss Moss. Study the colours that dominate the pattern of the sock and pair with shoes that are of a complimentary palette. In doing so this will allow the combination look as though they are one entity, enhancing the beauty of both the shoe and the sock.4

Alternatively, why not colour block with your socks? While it is always tempting to showcase a boldly patterned sock, sometimes a solid colour can speak louder, and make for a dynamic aesthetic. Commit to either an array of pastel hues, or strong tones when curating your look. I’m quite a fan of this primary colour scheme, it’s classic and reminds me of learning about the colour-wheel in primary school.


Keep the styling true to the form of the shoe. Generally, a rusticy woollen sock will look better with a Birkenstock, and a bright sock looks great with simple monotone sandal, either flat or heeled. The exception to the rule is glitter socks which work with practically everything, but especially classic clogs or wooden heeled shoes. There is something magical about the contrast of a twinkle next to an organic and raw material such as wood.


The main thing to remember to not do when wearing socks and sandals is not to be self- conscious. It’s only a pair of socks, and hey, it’ll save you the stress when you are in-between pedicures. What’s not to love about stress-free dressing?

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