Retro Fashion : Goldie Hawn.

There is no denying that 2015 Goldie Hawn is a hilarious, successful , smart , stylish uber babe. Who hasn’t wanted to hang out with her and Kate Hudson at some fabulous red carpet event?! As much as we love her now we are also huge fans of her early style. It was all big bangs, big eyes and a big smile. Every scene Goldie has acted in has been overflowing with her charisma and sense of fun that translates perfectly into her personal style. That’s why she’s our Retro Fashion icon today!
2c8ed59fb7a292e5631a2e3ba0a76755MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA189e9bb99e1917a1cdb211b3cf22987f7e1b08790722e96b872f173da001019e3bea92676b60b346374fe60d472d37f91e7aa38505c3d75b6078b43c4a3e651731f0e60da7ce19ea62a6460dc8514cb6f010bb506f7b17e6210b374d4b2898ffWords: Una O’Boyle @unaoboyle
Photos: Pinterest

3 thoughts on “Retro Fashion : Goldie Hawn.

  1. I’ve never atualy heard of Goldie Hawn so thank you for this blog post. Will be looking her up. I’m a Swedish Fashion blogger based in London. Would be awesome if you could check out my blog 🙂

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