August Primark Beauty Haul

Hey Everyone!

I took a trip to Penneys / Primark recently and decided to pick up some budget beauty bits. I had been hearing great things about the PS range, and decided to check them out and let you know what I thought!

I had initially dropped in to pick up the nude lip pencil that EVERYONE has been talking about but alas, what I found at the lip liner section was utter carnage. Half broken pencils, products smashed on the ground, it actually looked like there had been a struggle for the last nude lip liner – I guess people battling for the last liner is a good sign at how good it is? Ha!

So the products that I did pick up were the Cartice ‘Absolute Rose ‘ Eyeshadow Palette, PS ‘Love your Skin, 8 Hour Hydrating Cream’ , PS Blush in ‘Rouge’ , PS Highlighter , PS ‘Love This – Make Up Brush Cleaner’ .
1. Catrice ‘Absolute Rose ‘ Eyeshadow Palette
Full Disclaimer, I am not a full face of make up every day kind of girl. It blows my mind that people have allocated enough time to actually getting out of bed and proceed to contour , highlight and power brow their face before work.  I do try and moisturize, foundation, fill in my brows and use a lick of mascara – as when I don’t I get a lot of ‘ Oh… are you not feeling well today? ‘ comments! So when I do us an eyeshadow during the day, I like a light coverage and something that doesn’t require endless topping up ( I also suffer with a leaky eye. Seriously, some days it’s like I have a tap on my face- so attractive! ) So I do like the coverage of this pallets. The light colours are very subtle but layered up create a gorgeous soft blush finish. The darker colours in the pallete have a stronger colour payoff. This is a handy pallet for a girly soft day time look.

2. PS Blush in ‘Rouge’ 
I’m not crazy about a redish base in my blusher, however I thought this had more of a coral tone so I decided to give it a try. The pigment is super strong, and to be honest this should come with a warning – DANGER CLOWN CHEEKS AHEAD! So after applying it the first time as I would with my usual benefit blusher, and seeing the clown like results ( which then involved me falling around laughing and taking unflattering sefles OBVS) I decided to try it again only this time pretty sparingly. I really liked the lighter coverage of this and it actually lasted for a full day out – which is always a bonus. The pic below is from the tiiiiiniest hint of powder on my brush , to show just how strong the pigment is.

3 9

3. PS Highlighter 
Again, I ‘m not an authority on highlighters but I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to highlight and sadly this did not. It’s so pale that I actually couldn’t see anything happen when I applied it. Again this may be my lack of skillz, but I kind of felt like this was some sort of social experiment to see how long I would sit and apply an invisible product to my face without realizing it did nothing.

4. PS ‘Love your Skin, 8 Hour Hydrating Cream’
Now this is a product  I LOVE! The cream is light and not greasy and It actually feels like it’s working on your skin at night. I usually apply it after removing my make up and just before I hop into bed. There is quite a strong smell however ( kind of reminds me of aftershave!) but overall I find that my skin isn’t as dry when I wake up in the morning. I did make the mistake of using this by accident before putting on my make up one day and it did mean that my foundation was like a seal on a slippery rock sliding off my face, so I do recommend keeping this to bed time!


5. PS ‘Love This – Make Up Brush Cleaner’
This bad boy is the BIZNISS! I find the little spray top is so handy and for when I just need to quickly clean a brush this is the easiest option. I am also finding that the spray dries pretty quickly so I’m washing my brushes a lot more than I had previously been – which has to be a win right?


I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I’m off to make some lovely Sunday Lunch for some friends! xx

Una xx Instagram : @unaoboyle

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