Jumpsuit, €89.95 – Zara. Ankle-cuff leather sandals, €59.99, – Mango. Tailored bandeau jumpsuit, €91 – Topshop. Waistcoat, €59.95 – Zara. Sandals as before. Crop top, David O Malley – Design Centre, €395. Leather skirt, Giovanna Borza –, €279. Crop top, … Continue reading

Monday Loves.

Instagram page of the week… @frenchwords. If french was taught to me through the medium of this seriously pretty instagram page I would have done a lot better than I did in school learning it!  I love the simple design … Continue reading


  Dilipi Boutique leggings 79€, Dipili Boutique Signature blazer with metallic detail 400€, Jerome C. Rosseau at The Design Centre shoes 499€   Dipili Boutique leather hat 140€, Zara leather skirt35€, Jerome C. Rosseau at The Design Centre shoes 689€, The … Continue reading

Friday Loves….

Instagram page of the week : @twoshoesonepair  Me Oh My do I love this blogging duo from London. These ladies have wardrobes made of dreams. One of them has just had a baby too & she is one serious stylish Mama. Get … Continue reading


Inspired from an old pagan incantation and Catholicism, Margeret O’conner explores the darker side and modern approach to old traditions. Working with Photographer James Hazlett-Beard they translate this into a lucid showcase of what is inside O’Connors mind. The incantation and … Continue reading

“The Unilluminated” by Leticia Valdez.

A stunning shoot by New York photographer Leticia Valdez. Photographer: Leticia Valdez – www. Makeup and Hair: Pamela Garcia – Wardrobe: Leticia Valdez Model: ViktoriaG Ivory Lace Dress: Ann Taylor Lace Bustier: Pins and Needles Beaded Skirt: Vintage … Continue reading