Homeware Wish List….

  Moving house SUCKS as I have recently discovered. Trawling through years of old stuff , living out of boxes half packed and generally wanting to take a can of petrol and a match to all of your worldly possessions. … Continue reading

We gotta talk about…

#TEMPLEBARGATE.   Taken from the 10 most disappointing destinations in the world @ www.thehuffingtonpost.com:  Temple Bar, Dublin  The city of Dublin is great. There’s a castle and gorgeous architecture, there are renowned colleges and green spaces, and there are many other things to see and … Continue reading


Nestled in the back streets of the cultural side of Dublin, Scout is a treasure trove of kitsch buys. Located beside Smock Alley Theatre, the newly opened boutique owned by Wendy Crawford is colourful and cutesy from the shop front … Continue reading

April And The Bear.

We love hearing about new & exciting business ventures here at tabitha. The lastest one to catch our eye is the new Dublin based art and interiors online store www.aprilandthebear.com  Founded by former fashion buyer Siobhan, April and the Bear (Bear being … Continue reading

Home decor crushing…

Ever get the itch to overhaul your whole house? Recently I have fond myself spending a little too much time on Polyvore creating home collages… I have also been doing a lot of virtual shopping too ..Here is a little … Continue reading