Beating Stress – 5 Ways to Stay Motivated.

Let’s all be real. There is that moment, when you just think ‘Screw This’. All of it, everything I am doing can just be thrown away. I don’t care about this stupid assignment any more, I can’t deal with their nagging every day, I’m so tired of this stress, I don’t even want any of this. I just want to curl up in a ball with my favourite things and forget about all these pressures. I’m not good enough anyway and I’ll never compete with them. What’s this all for?


“The only pressure I’m under is the pressure I’ve put on myself.” ~Mark Messier  
(source Tiny Buddha).


Then again, there is something in us which carries on. We find that energy and move forward, we gather momentum and we conquer all our fears. We are in control and ready for anything on those days and it is in those moments that we become invincible. A surge of great motivation overcomes us and we put our best foot forward. So where is that foot when we feel small?


It’s there, you’re just too drained and numb to find it. That person who can be assertive without being mean, who can be energetic without crashing to the ground, that ‘better’ and ‘stronger’ you is hiding beneath the surface of a person who doesn’t want to do it any more and the more you ‘curl up’ and forget about it – the worse the problem becomes. Finding that inner motivation is not something which can be done in one big leap. You’re not required to wake up one day and just change your view on the world and all your responsibilities. The key is in taking some small steps to make yourself better. Find the root of your issues before the all crash down in one big ‘Screw This’ moment.
Imagine all your deadlines, responsibilities and burdens as a boomerang. You can throw them as far as you like, but they’re going to come back eventually and if you’re not looking or you haven’t moved from the spot – you’re getting hit. Below I have outlined five steps in conquering your pressures in order to keep yourself motivated.
1. Listen.
Listen to yourself, and how you are feeling. It’s a lot harder than you can imagine. Don’t just tell yourself you’re fine or strong. Be aware if you are lying to yourself in order to put on a brave face and push forward. There is no need to drag yourself up a cliff, if there is a cable car next to you!
2. Write/Create/Release.
Do something which involves expression. If you’re not the most ‘artistic’ do something sporty. Be good to your body and mind, allow time to vent and express everything you’re feeling with no reservations. Lay all your feelings bare and use up some adrenaline. Get moving to something other than your constant deadlines.
3. Organise.
If you have lots of things to get done, create a list in order of priority. Work through it slowly and comfortably. Everything seems much bigger when we muddle it up in our heads, write it all down and then assess it. What can you do without and what will benefit you the most? Be mindful of who you are doing things for. Are you always prioritizing others, make some time for you.
4. Be Honest.
This might be the hardest one, but let go of your ego. Are you actually feeling okay? When such and such asks you, really think about the question. You may be surprised at who is also in need of being honest. Then you can both chat about your stresses. The person who says they are ‘sorted’ for exams etc, could be the one who is the most scared.
5. Carry On.
Stick with it. The most important thing is to constantly check in on yourself and develop your own ways of working through issues as they arise – instead of leaving them pile up. When we feel good, we tend to take the basics for granted. Then when we are down we curse the world for putting us there – if you learn to work with things, eventually, you will be better equipped for facing any moments of stress.
You will of course think that you are running out of time, or not good enough but be aware of these thoughts. Welcome them and begin the process again of putting your best foot forward, without neglecting your true self. Take the time to relax, rethink your situation and revive your mind.
Keep Calm and, nope nothing quirky, just, Carry On.
Words: Erin Grant

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